Listening III Projects

Friday, 19 August 2011

This is the project that we will be working on this semester. This project is called Slowmation (for futher details, you can open I have made some explanations and have provided you with some examples in Seputar Slowmation post (try to find it in this page). Your job is to make a digital story telling version of On a Trip unit in Module 5 (Cathy’s trip to Europe) and Life Experience unit in Module 6. You should try to retell the story by your own words and make it digital by using Slowmation techniques. You will have to submit the projects on Meeting 6 (On a Trip, Module 5) and Meeting 12 (Life Experience, Module 6).

A. On a Trip, Module 5

The steps are

1. Make a group of 4

2. Try to listen carefully to On a Trip  unit, focus yourself to A Paris Vacation and take notes if it is necessary, because later on you have to retell A Paris Vacation by using Slowmation techniques.

3.Report any progress and difficulty when you have the class in Language Lab. I will you give further steps in the following weeks.


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