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Share your response about Sir Ken Robinson’s video entitled “Schools kill creativity” here.


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  1. Ken Robinson tells us that this hierarchy schools system is killing the creativity that human have since they were born,

    there is one part that tells about Gillian Lynne, when she was child she can’t compete well in her school, because she can’t do the school work well. then Her mother took her to a specialist, and at the specialist place Gillian’s mother realized that she wasn’t sick but she is a DANCER. and now you can see Gillian Lynne became a choreographer, a ballet, and etc.

    and Ken Robinson said most professors only live in their head. and their body only some kinds of transport to move their heads around, or to go to head meetings.

    I do agree that creativity is more or less as the same as all the other academic subjects in education. Because with this creativity that create all of the worlds innovations.

    we need to let those idea, creativity, or gift that human have to go free and develop.

  2. I definitely agree about what did Sir Robinson had said. His perspective about school which in fact doesn’t give students a space for creativity. The best thing that need to be work on is that education should be balanced with creativity. Every subject is important to be learn, but it should balanced with the chance to develop student’s creativity too. I believe if subjects such as science can be walk together with creativity, it will create a great student with both creativity and intelligence.

  3. I agree with Sir Ken Robinson opinion. The base I say that, many people had creativity or potential since they birth. The creativity should be accommodate in good ways such as dance creativity develop in dancing club, sing creativity develop in sing club. The school does not accommodate creativity in good ways. School was make someone out of their creativity, because school’s curriculum design to industrial era. In the industrial era someone must be ready to become manager, director, or maybe employee. For the reason, industrial era need someone who has capability in their position not people who has many creativity.

  4. I agree with Sir Ken Robinson speech. He stated that everywhere in the world, science and languages are always become the major subject. People think that those subject are the most important thing to get a bright future. But, formal educations in schools or public educations seem like forgot about the art or the subject which develops creativity of the students. I think that every subject, whether it’s science, language, or art are all important, so public education should give the same space or portion in giving the education about art as they give science and languages. Science and languages are do important, but students must be given the same opportunity to develop their creativity.

  5. Actually,i am interested with the speech. He can show people that to be success not always with the formal education. He also give example from a girl who cannot follow the education in school, until the mother take her to a specialist, and the mother find her daughter talent. A dancer. And after she graduated from dancer school she become successful girl. The important things that i get to be success, we don’t need to have high education, high degree, but we must develop the creativity and the talent that we have. Every people have their own creativity and it depends how they can develop their creativity.

  6. I agree with Sir ken opinion about creativity. That children from born already have a lot of creativity such as art, and etc. We should not judge a children that they can’t do this and can’t do that, because actually we can do all things, we just need to realize it. And it is our duty to help the next generation so they can see the future.

  7. pronto!!!

    strong message from the title.
    i feel that, sometimes i feel that school is my prison, parents should thinking furthermore what their children have. what is the main talent or gift that the children have. there a billion school arround the world, but just a little has the fun teaching methode.

    • Strong message from the title.

      i feel that, sometimes i feel that school is my prison, parents should thinking furthermore what their children have. what is the main talent or gift that the children have. there a billion school around the world, but just a little has the fun teaching method.


  8. Mr. Robinson said that People move to think, it means we also move to think. If it means our education were wrong, so totally means we’re lead to unpredictable future, weren’t we?! So, what can we do know?! How we fix it?! Just be creative….!

  9. After I see the speech from Sir Ken Robinson, I totally agree with his idea that the education system lead us to nothing. People have to live their life freely. From his story of Gillian Lynne, i can see that every single person has their own talent. This talent should be developed, not stated as a bad thing.

  10. When I saw the video and noticed Sir Robinson taking the quote from Picasso, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” was somewhat amazed me. Everyone has their own talent but sometimes they don’t recognize it. Once they recognize, they don’t want or even worse, they are not able to learn more about their talent. They’re instead wasting their time with studying things that they don’t even understand what they are about. What’s the point of wasting 6 or more years of study being a doctor when your actual desire is being a rock musician? My point is, this is your life. You have your own choices and rights to decide something. Being someone, or doing something that you don’t like must be a torturing thing. So while we’re young, take chances, break all the boundaries, do what you want (but also notice the risk if you do that and also the responsibility), so when we are old we won’t feel sorry or disappointed because we didn’t do things that we want in our past lives. 🙂

  11. all about he talking about it’s true..
    sometimes school limit the creativity of the students, they just get the theory. they are force to study and study without creativity. He said that children was born artistic, that’s true. they can dance, sing or maybe doing something else. But i can’t judge that school is kill the children’s creativity. maybe for the next, we should balanced the education for the children, I think the balance between theory and creativity. As we know that our brain is divided into 2 part, right and left. It’s better to use our brain wisely.

  12. what Sir Ken said was very inspiring. it is a fact that most people only focus on public education because they think that it is a way to success. Most parents are afraid that if their children don’t go to school, they will have no future, they think that the only way to be success is by understanding math, science and all other subjects at school. sometimes I also have a thought that I’m a victim of my parents’ narrow mind. I don’t blame them for being so, I just feel like many of my abilities especially in arts, can not be improved just because my parents didn’t understand that creativity is an important thing. I also like one of Sir Ken quotations which is “if you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original” most people are afraid of making mistake and it holds them from being creative.

  13. Actually I disagree about what Sir Ken Robinson said that schools kill creativity. In my opinion, education that we got from learning activities in school could be very helpful. The students may be not realize about this in time, but they will follow the process till they can gain some experiences that make them realize education can be very useful for the future. It is true that children born with their own creativity, but everything must be “trained”, right ? It was not in born, it was not instantly built, but it needs process and knowledge to explore and make it perfect. If you have great skills or creativity but you don’t have enough knowledge, you can’t get much information, so, what can you do ??

  14. Awesome!
    Ken says school kill creativity.

    I kike the statement but I don’t think so. Because, I think actually, schools do not kill the creativity of children. From school children can search what they talent or what they like to do.

    Who is the person who kills the children creativity? I think, that is the parents. Parents think their children must learn all kinds of lesson which provide from school, and they didn;t think what is treir children like or they children want.

    Some children may be talented in music, dance, paint, or in literature, but many parents just want they children study about math, language, and something like that. And not all children like study just in the class and study how to count or learn about how to say it and say that.

    Many people judgment children who can not understand about math and language is stupid children, but they do not what is the talented of that children. We cannot judgment that children was stupid or may be have deficiencies in thinking, they just have yet to find their talent.


  15. I agree with Sir Ken Robinson that schools kill creativity, but it happens sometimes, and it is not often. Schools make student afraid of being wrong, but from being wrong we can learn something. From school, we can learn more about knowledge and from school too, we can get the right side of anything, so we can recover our mistake. Sir Ken Robinson is very inspiring person, he can give speech with any jokes and that’s not make audience boring. I realized that now I also afraid of being wrong and frightened to try something new, something creative. Being wrong in his speech it doesn’t mean that we let our child doing something wrong, but when they wrong, they can learn something and change it into right. Hopefully, when I have a son or daughter, I never make them as my victim of my goal. I will let them learn about anything with their way and their style, but I still watching them, so they are not in the wrong way.

  16. I didn’t know how to choose agree or disagree because I was late to watch the video. I moved until the 5th computer. I make sure that Ken Robinson gave that speech to realize the audience there’s something wrong in education system. education presses the student to study the primary subjects what the world needed. unimportant subjects like dance and art are not needed because company didn’t use it. it means education kills creativity (same like in the title). the whole subjects must have same deal each other. at the end the students will just have specific ability formed by education, not from their interest.
    in other hand education makes them to discover the world even though kill their creativity.

  17. Great! While many people busy with their own life and became very unconcerned about everything around them, but Robinson is quite different. He really cares about the education not only in his county but he cares the education in THE EARTH. I knew that there is something wrong with the education system in Indonesia, but I cannot do anything. The system requires me to do all the things right. And I stacked and cannot do any revolution, even in my own life, I am too scared to try something new, I scare if I decide it then the result is false. Robinson is true, that the education in the past and now set me to be scare to do what I want. It is seem like I was arrested by myself. A human being has a wonderful creativity, but education system kills it. This is very ironic, it happens but we ignore it. It should be stopped and we should rearrange our concept about education. And I have already begun the revolution. That I am not scared to comment this video in English even my English is not still good enough. But I have tried and I felt proud. :p 😀

  18. I agree with Sir Ken Robinson about schools kill creativity. In my opinion, Every children have talents since they were born. The talents of each children are different. Parents just need to support their talents. They should disappear their old concept about education. Education is important, but the most important things is how to know their own talents. Education teach them to afraid to make mistakes. If it happened, the creativity would be running out. Education is not sinlge way to make people became a success person.

  19. I think that education is important to support our life. We can get formal education or informal education. What we have learned at school isn’t useful at all. I can’t remember about science or math. I know that I’m not good in science because I don’t like it. But, I think that schools don’t kill creativity at all, maybe the rules do. There are too many rules at schools, so the schools try to keep the students’ wild creativity. The students can’t wear what they want, have a hairstyle like they want, or share their opinions because they are afraid with the rules and teachers. They can’t develop their creativity at school because school is a place to give formal education, not a place to develop student’s talents. The students just get knowledge from school, they can know about history, math, science, language, music, or sport but they just know about the general knowledge, not specific. We need other place to develop our talents and creativity. Schools don’t kill the creativity, but school rules which are kill it. Education and attitude are very important. We can learn it from schools, parents, friends, books, experiences, or films. There are many ways to develop our talent. With a good attitude, we can become a good person. With a good education, people hope that they can get a good life. Talented person without good attitude is nothing. We need everything be balance.

  20. The video is interesting.
    It’s true that school kills the students creativity. In school, we are taught more about science such as math and then about social subjects. The subjects about art like sing, dance, play music are not taught more because it just as the complement subjects. It is not fair for students who has a big talent in these . We can say that the public school concern the academic value not in creativity value. Whereas the students skill is not only from the academic, but also from their creativity.
    I like one point in this video that is when Ken Robinson said One girl drew a God picture and the teacher said we never and do not know how God’s face. In this case, we know the girl’s ability to imagine. So, it must be developed with art subject.

    If in school we are not taught about creativity, how we know our ability in other aspect beside in academic aspect. It’s better if school also teach about the creativity.
    Intelligence is not about academic, but also in another aspects.

  21. I think the video is very interesting. Sir Ken Robinson tells us how creativity is important for our lives and our future, besides our education. Every person around the world must have creativity in many kinds of sectors, such as in music, dance, etc. But nowadays, there is a phenomena about people who think of having high education is important in order to get the best position on their jobs. I am interested by Sir Ken Robinson’s quote, ‘If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original’. I completely agree with his quote. At school, we are expected to be perfect in every subject. It is dangerous for our future because we would be afraid of mistakes. We would afraid of trying anything new. In our parent’s perceptions, it is more important to get high education than to develop our talents. In my opinion, each of us is given a talent by God. It is important to make a balance between developing our talents and getting high education.

  22. Sir Ken Robinson has different thought about the school. He said that schools killed creativity, I agree with his explanation, because in school students are claimed to be perfect students, so they are often afraid to make mistakes. If students are afraid to make mistakes, it can stop their creativity. As we know being wrong is the same thing with being creative. As if in school, education systems see that the mistakes are the worst thing that student can make. Students are restricted to do anything that they want by the system of schools, automatically it affects their mind to make a new creativity in their life. They can not develop their creativity in school, because the system of the education does not teach how to develop their creativity, just their self that can dig up and develop their creativity with their own way.

  23. Well..
    After I watched about Ken Robinson’s presentation, what he had talked about was quite true, schools kill creativity.

    Especially, when I connect his thinking with Indonesian’s education system. Actually, it shocked me, because there is still a lack in International education system. I think that only Indonesia has many correction of its education system.

    I think he was right, when he said that children’s capacity of creativity was blocked by the rules of something like, hierarchy. Science, mathematics and also physics for example still become “The Most Important” subjects which must be mastered by all the students in order to get the high expectation of his studying result. If someone can master science, he will get ” A ” grade from the society, it means that he can easily to get a work or to enter a precious university.

    Well, that’s the stereotype which our society still believe that science and its friends are the most important subjects that the students must learn. Although, there are still many subjects that can be mastered, such as dance, arts, drama, social, etc.

    Ken could open my mind that, it is true, our body has already designed to do everything we like. Not only brain, but also hands, legs, eyes, etc. It is fact that the average of children who can play music and study science in the same period can get the materials at their school in balance way. Music, for example can helps human to balance, not only their right and left brain. but also their emotion and ideas.

    School is a place to learn something, not to study only some particular subjects. In school, however we can learn many things which can improve our creativity, not just based on the “hierarchy ” of education system, such as how to make a friend ( socialization ), how to get and understand the materials, etc.

  24. Well, that was an interesting speech from Sir Ken Robinson. There are two ideas that inspiring me from his speech.

    Firstly, I like the idea of his speech that degree is no longer necessary for people. What’s the importance of having master degree? For getting a job? For prestige? Non sense. It is kind of short-thinking when people get the master just for getting the job and live happily ever after. In fact, life is not a fairy-tale.
    Nowadays, university tries to produce an intelligent people. Intelligent here means those who has great GPA and are needed by the market. Yes, it is true that become an intelligent (in the definition above) person is very important. And that’s it? No! We have to make achievement continuously in our life. Graduating from university with an excellent GPA is too early to become a goal. Having a great job, yes it can be a goal, but it will be useless when we stop making achievement there.

    Secondly, I agree that lost of smart-people life in their brain. Actually, we have to put humanity values in the first place. What is the function of mankind in society? Of course, we have to give contribution in the society. Rather than just become professor who is rich in honor, we have to be person who is needed by another. So, we’ll give the real contribution for society. For instance, the corruption that happen in Indonesia shows to us that there are many smart people who haven’t morale. They are smart, yes. Success, yes. But their attitudes are controlled by their ambition and obsession. It is caused by putting their brain in the top than humanity values.

    In short, Robinson’s speech is really something. Alhamdulillah yakkk…..

  25. I totally agree with which Sir Ken Robinson had said about schools kill creativity. In school,students learn many subjects. They are expected to master all of the subject. I think it would be a difficult thing to them to understand and memorize the materials if they don’t like the subject. For example,science. Not all of the students like it. There must be students who interested in music,art,etc. But,they still have to do the assignments and daily tests in order to get a good grade. If they are being forced to learn something that they don’t interested in,I’m sure that the result isn’t satisfying.

  26. I first watched Ken Robinson’s TED talk. I love that video gives a new motivation in different ways. I think this is the good things about life and I agree with Ken Robinson. We all have creativity. We have different ways to develop our creativity. So the creative person is one who fills their true identity, because of its ability to develop the potential that exists in their self.

    Just as all children are not equally intelligent, all children are not equally creative. But just as all children exhibit behaviors which evidence intelligence from birth, they also exhibit behaviors which evidence the potential for creativity.

    For young children, the focus of creativity should remain on process: the generation of ideas. Adult acceptance of multiple ideas in a non-evaluative atmosphere will help children generate more ideas or move to the next stage of self-evaluation

    I believe that everyone is special in their own creativity
    I believe that everyone is special in their own way.


  27. The explanation of public education by Sir Ken Robinson proof that there are so many talents beside the formal education that can be developed. Why people just seeing others based on their education and the title.
    The “education and title” are not the final destination of people satisfaction. They’re just the way to jump to the next level of education. They’re just the requirements to make a better social status. But they can’t satisfy what people need because they have to catch up on this only for a title and hope the others would greet him/her respectfully. In my opinion, those things aren’t very necessary for living. There are some talented people in this world and need help to develop their talent. Perhaps, someday, they would be the world’s most important asset who can bring some benefit to national and even the entire world.

  28. Ken Robinson tells about schools kill creativity.
    Sometimes school makes us difficult to develop our creativity. Every people has a lot of creativity in their life. Picasso said that all children are born artist. It means that actually people have their own skill and creativity. They can be or create everything that they want. Each people has skill from they was child.
    In my opinion, we can not force something to another, for example parents cannot force their children to be a scientist when they do not like science.
    We have to follow our heart to decide something.

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