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Share your response about Sir Ken Robinson’s video entitled “Schools kill creativity” here.


18 responses to “Listening IIID – TED Talks

  1. I like the way he brought his presentation. He used joke in getting his presentation across. Using this way won’t make the audiences feel bored. It’s better than speaking in a monotone way. He persuaded the audience to hear about what he was going to say by using that method. I agree with what he said. That he believes that the only hope that we have for our future is to adopt a new concept of human ecology. We need to know that we have a large capacity in ourselves. Our education system has destroyed our capacity to grow. We made a system that which is not really important to our future. However, we also need to be careful in using that capacity.

  2. Before watching that video, I have totally realized that someone’s intelligence cannot be judged from how smart he/she is in school. Parents usually think that children who are smart in mathematics, physics, chemistry,and geography are genius. They don’t (want) to realize that intelligence cannot be judged always from how genius you are in exact science. Children are smart in their own way. Everyone is unique. Everyone is endowed so many talents. Everyone has their own interest. What parents should do is to encourage their children to develop their talents. Parents shouldn’t make their children become oppressed by enforcing their will. Maybe you can make your children become smart just the way you want, but, they are not smart for themselves.

    Now, after watching that video, I become more realize that I have to be brave to develop my talents and interest, and be responsible to my choice. My father used to force me to enter Science class when I was in high school, but I really hate mathematics, physics, chemistry, and geography. What I love is languages, and I really want to study literature and linguistics. I want to go abroad, around the world. Thank God, my mother allows me to choose whatever I love, as long as I can be responsible to my choice. It’s very important for parents to encourage their children to develop their talents. So, their children can grow up in happiness, and their future becomes brighter.

  3. I disagree. What Ken said was just an humor. I think schools don’t kill our creativity, in fact, schools give us more additional knowledge to face our future. The death of our creativity depends on ourselves. If we can control ourselves in our own way to live our life, we still can improve our creativity as good as hell. So, we can’t blame education as the reason of this tragedy.
    Anyway, I’m 20, and I’m educated. But, one thing that you should know that i can make a lot of money by my own creativity. I can buy whatever I want by my own money. You know what? It was amazing to not depend on our parents’ money to get what we wanted. This fact totally prove that schools didn’t kill our creativity, hm.. or maybe my creativity.

  4. In my opinion, Sir Ken Robinson’s video entitled “School kills creativity” try to tell us that education system in our world is not exactly correct. According to the education hierarchy in our world, mathematics and languages is in the top of the system, and art is in the lowest part of it.
    As we know that schools give mathematics lesson almost every day, but how about dancing lesson ?
    We can’t deny children creativity (in this case, dancing). I think that creativity is also important. If someone wants a job, he or she must have a degree. I think it’s not always like that. There are a lot of people who can find a great job by their creativity. For example, a famous ballerina.
    So, the conclusion is that Sir Ken Robinson wants us to be wise for our future child. Let our child become what she or he wants. Don’t deny children creativity.

  5. I am a student. I agree with Sir Ken Robinson. We need to make some changes in system education. Learn in school made me bored. There are so many rules in the school. I couldn’t do anything what I want because of the rules. I just came to school and then sat down, listening to teacher talk, did something when asked by teacher. The students couldn’t be creative. For example in art classes, when the teachers asked the students to paint the face of an elephant, but the students have another idea and they want to paint it. They cannot do that because of their teacher’s request. It killed the student’s creativity. We need to make some changes in our system education in order to grow up the student’s creativity.

  6. Education system
    The whole education system around the world is based on industrial where the educators are forget the fundamental principal of education which suppose to based on human creativity and talent of each individual. But the the fact is that we are educated out of our capacity and creativity.
    The whole education system is stigmatize with mistake which has greater impact on individual and they are afraid of making mistake which suppose to lead them to success because only making mistake that can improve anyone success. Now in order to move forward there have to change the principal of education that based on creativity and talent and let mistake become judge of the success.
    Don’t afraid to make mistake

    Anselmo Cuimbra

  7. What Sir Ken Robinson said was true, indeed. I have to agree with him. Formal education that we have sometimes only give us, as a student of formal education, small room or even maybe no space for us to develop our creativity.

    Some teachers give their reasons why they don’t let us as student being creative, which means let us be free from the structure/rules which they already made. What they expressed seem they’re afraid if they let the student free from the rules, the student will be uncontrolled or something bad will happen.

    So, as a student, in the environment like that I have to think harder and being independent to develop my creativity and talent by myself. Not rely it on the education I take.

  8. I agree with Ken Robinson’s opinion about “Schools kill creativity”. I think some of schools just give the system of education that cannot build human creativity. I think human creativity is the main purpose to bring us to the future life. Many children have creativity but they cannot build this creativity because the people around them do not give them a chance. The people just judge the children that they are wrong. They cannot do anything because they are children. So that, they just follow the rules that school have. Our creativity is built from social interaction. Every day, we talk to many people and from the conversation with them we can find our creativity. Sometimes, we build creativity from our mistake too. For the students, we must change our mind that school will give us easier way to find a job. We must decide our future life. So we can reach our dream.

  9. I agree with Sir Ken Robinson opinion. In the beginning of his presentation he says that system education make kids afraid to make mistakes. When they are afraid to make mistakes they can not develop their ability. I am absolutely agree with that statement because I feel it until now, I feel afraid to make mistakes and I have a problem to develop my talents. Afterward the forbidden system of education, the sequence of system education in every country is always mathematics, language, social and art. It means that the main purpose of education is to make children to be a scientist, professor, etc. I think they can not classified it because all of them are same important. In fact many people can live from art etc. In my opinion schools should give a freedom for the child to choose what they want to learn. The duty of school is to support and give some facilities to the children to develop their ability. When I see this video I remember about my senior high school philosophy, competent, compassion, conscience. If all school apply this philosophy I think there will be a better education.

  10. What Sir Ken Robinson said was right. I think that In formal education such as school, there are no concern to develop students creativity. The teachers just concern about school subject like math, science, humanities, and the last is art.
    Creativity as important as education. Many parents didn’t realize that their child have an ability to singing, dancing, painting etc. Their parents just want their child have good report or score in their academic.

    But not all of school in this planet prison students creativity. Now many of school which is give room to develop their students creativity by giving cooking class, dancing class, music class and so on.

  11. I like this video because he tell us about education and school. He speaks with jokes so we’re not bored.

    I agree what he said because if we have a great talents, we don’t need to go to school, because the other said school is the place to improve our talents or our skills. That’s true, all know about the school is the place where we can improve our skill, but the fact is school is the place where we can’t improve our talents because we always study, study and study. In school, we always taught about theory, so the student who studied there can’t develop their skill.

    So, in my conclusion is we must change our teaching system. So, if we can change our system particular of teaching we can help improve the student skills. While the other is their parents, parents is very important for children or students because they are closest to them. Supposedly, parents before entering their children to school they do not directly input into school, because we have to ask what you liked and enjoyed. If we force our children go to school but they did not like it would be a revolt like skipping class or even the value they will become ugly because they do not like the lesson of his choice. Conversely, if the child wants to know what we are and know where our kids are in love, we must support it.

  12. After I watched Sir Ken Robinson’s video entitled “Schools kill creativity”, I get the point that creativity is important and precious. Creativity has the same position as education and literacy, but today, some people think that education and literature are more important than creativity. They ask their children to be good at certain subject such as mathematics and literature. They set aside the creativity that their children have because they think that becomes a bachelor, a MA, or a PhD is the most important point. Every children has a talent and it will become to a great talent if it is developed. The example that Sir Ken Robinson showed to us is the Gillian’s talent. She is not good at school, always late to submit her homework, and she likes to disturb her friend. Her parents think that she is sick, but actually she isn’t sick, she is a dancer. Then her parents sent her to a dance school and she becomes to a great dancer. So, don’t set aside the creativity that we have and we must develop it.

  13. Something that i could get from Sir ken Robinson said, was education is very important, and how it is important for parents and the teachers to know the best things to educated the children, and we can’t force children to study or to go to school, but it come from they heart, no one can’t force them. Teach children from they grow up and teach carefully, and support every subject that they like or they want to take. never force them to obey what we want. the important things is now how to get good job after school, but do everything that we want and they enjoy from our heart.

  14. Creativity is something which we have and there are in self. Creativity is also something which can’t be forced. In video of Ken Robinson tells about schools kill creativity, sometime that is right but sometime that is wrong. Why that is wrong because every child has right to develop their creativity with many ways. Sometime school just gives education but school doesn’t care about creativity. Many of children have different creativity, for example there is clever in dancing, there is clever in drawing, and so on. Every talent of children should be channeled for their talent respectively. Here also there shuold be the role of parents to channel every talent from their children. For example child who clever in dancing, he or she should be channeled to dance school so his or her talent can be channeled. So creativity from each children sholuld get support from parent. Parents also should conscious and care to channel talent from their children.

  15. i think Ken Robinson said that about school kill creativity and creativity cannot in forced it is arising form self. even thought are very involved in upbringing of a child but a child that chose. and only encourage creativity son. when parents force her desire then a child will not succeed in creativity. because not all children want to follow the will of their parents. and brain it will grow by self. because cleverness and creativity is dynamic. and parents also need to know the character of children because it is important for child development. ken Robinson also said that skill worker women and men is different. women can work two until three do but men cannot it. and women more creativity than men but men more focus if he works.

  16. I think this video is great. The speaker in this video not only said that all people have interesting in education but he also try to open our mind about how important the creativity of childhood. in education world, we may not doing mistake, while in creativity doing mistake is something that make us learn more than before. According to him, students or people do not just rely on the education system without taking creativity. Because with creativity, students will be better prepared to face any challenge in life in the future. so they will ready to

  17. Sir Ken Robinson is a good speaker. He can persuade people with entertaining so that the audience will not feel bored. Watching the video makes me realize an important thing: schools “kill” creativity. Lots of people do not realize/know their talents because of the education in schools. Schools only focus on their students’ intelligence without being aware that their students have creativity. It makes them live only in their heads. Students who are creative and brilliant think they are not, because the thing they are good at school is not valued, or stigmatized. We can see it in the case of Gillian Lynne which was told by Sir Ken Robinson. She was good in dancing but her teacher and mother thought she was sick instead of realizing that she had a talent. Fortunately, her doctor knew it. Then, she was sent to a dance school and became a famous dancer. To summarize, creativity is as important as literacy in education.

  18. Sir Ken Robinson said that ” We are educating people out of their creativity”. It means that go to school is not always useful to our future. Actually when “go to school” be something that have to do, that is the time when we make someone out of their creativity. Sometimes the creativity is not always find in school or education system in school. There are people who has talent in art or dance bat they have to go to school where they can’t improve their creativity. It is same as we kill their creativity. We can them to develop their talent or creativity. We can send them to art school or dance school. By this way we can more help them to find and develop their creativity. Good education that can develop out creativity is not always find in education system in school.

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