The Finnish School System


Finland currently ranks at the top of the developed countries with regards to academic achievement.  Linda Darling-Hammond lays it all out in her NEA article:

Finland has been steadily building their education system for decades.  The results have proven to be remarkable.

“Finnish schools are generally small (fewer than 300 pupils) with relatively small class sizes (in the 20s), and are uniformly well equipped. The notion of caring for students educationally and personally is a central principle in the schools. All students receive a free meal daily, as well as free health care, transportation, learning materials, and counseling in their schools, so that the foundations for learning are in place. Beyond that, access to quality curriculum and teachers has become a central aspect of Finnish educational policy.”

It is very interesting how Finland chooses its teachers from a pool of highly qualified candidates. They have empowered their teachers and…

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