The future of a cool tool…


I posed these questions to my current classroom students: How do you see technology being used in this classroom in the future?  The Promethean interactive board and accessories would be included, but how do you think they would be different from today?  Some students drew their answers while others describe to me verbally their thoughts.

In the year 2020, the classroom will no longer be using pen and paper for students to record their work.  The teacher will be the data collector of all data collectors because he or she will have to be one with the mainframe.  The Promethean interactive board will be designed into each classroom as one  wall.  Each student will have a desk top with built-in Activtablet and pen.ActivSlate

ActicPen  The pen will be assigned by the student’s thumbprint and have a memory chip embedded to store data.  Each student will be held accountable for their…

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