Sleep is the key to healing

Purple Sage's reflections

Sleep is so essential in our life, and yet it’s usually one of the first few things we sacrifice in the name of doing well at work, school or being active socially.

However, being deprived of sleep can lead one to become depressed, or sometimes the symptoms of insomnia is just a sign of a lack of inner peace.

In a bid to better understand how to get a good night sleep, I just went for an Ignatian spirituality talk by a visiting missionary named Father Matthew Linn, a Jesuit priest from the USA. For more information on the work he does, you can take a look at his website

The talk was enlightening yet simple. Father Matthew merely highlighted that we need to hard-wire positive memories into our mind moments before we sleep, because we will definitely carry those thoughts into our subconscious, and it’ll affect us even…

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