Love is the beginning of everything

Purple Sage's reflections

Love is one of the universal values which everyone can understand and cherish.

In fact, the desire to love and be loved is such a powerful emotion that  marketing gurus have used it to sell products and services in their glitzy advertisements.

Even lifestyle magazines give us tips on how to be a more loving person to our partner, our family, friend or colleague.

Yet, the great irony that comes from our yearning for love can lead us to places which will eventually devoid us of any love at all.

We try too hard to look beyond ourselves for love – be in from a partner, peers, food, sex, drugs, alcohol, luxury – yet it doesn’t seem to satisfy our hunger. Often, we are left empty trying too hard to earn someone’s love or gain another’s affirmation of our existence.

We may work hard at work, hoping to gain accolades or…

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