The Future of E-Books in Higher Education

Designer Librarian

Recently, I read a post on Wired Campus about how students prefer print over e-books for “serious academic reading.”  Within the same week,  I read an article from Reuters about how textbook publishers are re-modeling their digital texts in an effort to fight the used book market. In that article, it was mentioned that 77 percent of students preferred print (based on a survey from the National Association of College Stores).

In my experience working at a community college library, all I can say is that there are a whole lot of students out there who don’t read their textbooks at all until it’s time to cram for the exam. And for them, it’s probably easier to cram with print since you can flip back and forth more quickly to highlight just the “important stuff.”

I’ve used both print and e-books (on my iPad) for classes. As far as readability…

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