Learning and the Brain- A few quick facts

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What do we and don’t we know about the brain? It used to be that we thought we knew it all. Well, maybe not all. But, over the last couple decades new research reveals and debunks some of our previously held knowledge about the brain. Here are a few quick facts about learning and the brain.

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6 Great Social Reading Tools

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Social reading supports many of the skills that the new literacies embody: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and online reading comprehension (among others). There are a growing number of social reading tools out there, and every librarian could use a few of those tools in his or her technology belt.

Here are 6 of my favorites:

Biblionasium Biblionasium is a social reading tool built for kids. It was named a 2013 AASL Best WebSite for Teaching and Learning. This one is so good that I recommended it to my daughter’s fifth grade teacher. It could easily replace the giant stack of reading logs that currently takes up a whole corner of her classroom. And it would save her time in monitoring those reading logs. With Biblionasium, teachers can set up an account for the classroom, and have their students keep reading logs, write reviews, start reading challenges and even earn digital…

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